Computer Repair Prescott & Prescott Valley

TFS Networks is the owner of Tri-City Computers in Prescott Valley, AZ. Greg Eddolls brings you a smashing trio of technological excellence. TFS Networks Computer Consulting, Computer Recycling and Tri-City Computers are all teaming up to deliver the best computer service in town. Come see us at 8516 E. State Rt. 69 in Prescott Valley. Cross street Navajo Drive and Frontage Rd/HWY 69 Suite C. Next to the “Beads To You” shop. Check our reviews and get your computer in for service! We do tuneups, virus removal, hardware upgrades, software upgrades, laptop and desktop repair AND we buy, sell, trade and recycle computers and electronics. We look forward to serving your computer repair needs.

TFS Networks offers Computer Repair Services in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey Humboldt, AZ.  Greg Eddolls has 25 years of experience in Computer Repair and Information Technology. He is formally educated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (Devry University – 2003). Greg is efficient and well experienced in troubleshooting computer issues with: Windows Operating Systems, PC and Laptop Hardware, Networking, Social Marketing and the interface of Hardware and Software Products with your computer systems.  He will not waste your time or your  money.

Additionally we provide Electronics Recycling, which assists in properly recycling eWaste in the Quad City area to keep valuable materials out of our local landfills. We look forward to helping you with your computer problems. Call now at (928) 775-3000.

Standard Onsite Rates: $100.00 / Hour
Diagnostic Service Call: $100
We come to you for NETWORKING issues in your environment. Networking issues can manifest in many different ways. Failing routers and switches. Failing internal hardware on your computer. Your internet service or cable modem can go down or bad. We know how to troubleshoot: from your local equipment to the world wide web.

Shop Bench Rates: $100.00 / Hour
We do our best to keep the prices affordable. Here are some set rates for bench services.
Minimum Bench Fee: $50.00
Diagnostic Tuneup: $100-$200
Virus Cleanup: $150
Windows Reload: $250
Data Transfer: $150
Hardware Upgrades: $50 to $150 PLUS PARTS
SSD (240 GB) Upgrade with Windows Reload: $299

Computer Recycling
TFS Networks / Tri-City Computers recycles your computers and electronics, destroys and wipes any sensitive data on your devices, and keeps valuable metals out of the landfill. We strip them down and recycle them properly.

  • CRT Monitors, Tube TV’s: $30.00 each.
  • Large Projection TV’s: $40.00 each.
  • Large Printers and Large Copiers: $50.00 each.
  • Recycle Truck Pickup: $70.00

Call (928) 925-8679 to arrange a recycle appointment.

Used Computer Equipment
TFS Networks / Tri-City Computers refurbishes & resells computers, accessories, cables, networking equipment & various electronics. We charge for cost of labor to refurbish these items and we pass the savings to you. If you are on a tight budget you may be happy you checked with us first.