Business I.T. Maintenance

Business I.T. Solutions, Management and Documentation

As business owners, we want as few bumps as possible in our Information Technology Infrastructure. From networking to software implementation to backup systems in place for your critical data we handle all these needs and take your business seriously.

Networking Set Up

We can analyze your current scenario, troubleshoot networking problems, and suggest solutions that will streamline your network for optimal performance. Sometimes we find ourselves using outdated technology that we don’t even know is causing a problem in our network. We can help you identify the problems and get them fixed fast!

Software Implementation

For business that use a practice software or financial software or both, it can be a real pain to add on to your existing licensing for the software, and to install and keep all your business machines up to date with the latest software updates. In addition to sorting out the difficult details we can streamline your software storage media by making copies available on a server or external storage device within your network. That way we know that your software media (CD, DVD, FlashDrive, Download) is always available when you need it.

Backup Systems for Business

Did you know most businesses don’t have a solid backup system in place for their critical files? There is nothing worse than realizing that all your data is gone for all your customers! We can implement some really basic and easy built-in solutions that ease your mind and preserve your critical data. We like to have redundancy for all data on your system. That can include local backups, internal backups drives, external backup drives, and cloud storage solutions.

I.T. Maintenance Schedules

We offer maintenance schedules for your Business Network so you can be worry free. It’s always a good idea to have a wellness checkup for your business network and computers. We recommend a monthly checkup. Once your basic network is under control, a short maintenance visit each month catches various issues that tend to crop up. Virus problems, Antivirus subscriptions, Backup Consistency…etc. Let’s head off the problems before they occur. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.