About TFS Networks

TFS Networks is owned and operated by Gregory Eddolls. TFS is an acronym for “The First Source”. That is, we aim to be your First Source for computer repair needs in the Prescott area.

Greg Eddolls on the mountain. History About TFS NetworksGreg has been a resident of the Prescott/Prescott Valley area since 1992. After a brief interest in computers around 1985 he again took up a strong interest in working with computers in 1997. He has been working with computers since then.

In 2000 Greg decided to get a formal education in Computer Information Systems from Devry University in Phoenix, AZ. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in C.I.S. (Computer Information Systems) in 2003. This degree covers a great deal of knowledge in the areas of Computer Hardware and Software, Computer History, Operating Systems, Web Programming Languages, Application Programming Languages, Information Technology Business Practices, I.T. Infrastructure Documentation and much more.

Since graduating in 2003, Greg has worked for or with several computer companies in the Prescott and Prescott Valley area and always strives to work with other computer company owners instead of against them.  Greg provides various computer companies with used / refurbished computers and computer accessories as part of a cooperative effort to work with other technology specialists in the area of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt.

In addition to working as a local computer consultant since 1997, Greg spent an additional 1.5 years working with an advanced I.T. consulting firm out of state, putting his Computer Information Systems degree to good use.

Arizona is so beautiful however, especially the North Central Highlands of Prescott, P.V., and Chino Valley, that Greg felt called to return and resume working as an I.T. Professional in Prescott Valley.  Now TFS Networks has been growing daily since 2009 when Greg returned to Arizona.

It is Greg’s intention to keep TFS Networks Computer Consulting services as personable and friendly as a hometown business should be. You can find him on Facebook and on various websites he’s created. Including Tri-City Computers.

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