Computer and Electronics Recycling Service

Recycle Your E-Waste In Prescott, AZ

Reduce Reuse Recycle Computers, Electronics, Acessories, Tools, Appliances in Prescott Valley

We recycle computers in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt and surrounding areas. You can drop off your recycled items or you can call us to schedule a pickup as needed. We accept computers, electronics, tools and appliances for recycle. Yes even refrigerators and freezers with coolant still in them.

Laptops, Phones, Tablets and Mobile Devices

We will recycle your old laptops, phones, tablets and mobile devices. Working or not working condition is just fine with us. As the market for technology advances, the types of recycled materials and items we see follows behind that curve. Help us keep the electronics and valuable metals out of the landfills.

Is There A Charge For Pickup?

The only time we charge for a pickup is when it resides outside of our normal business area, or for old Tube TV’s and large Projection TV’s and DLP TV’s. We basically provide the service of disposal for those who can’t or do not want to dispose of it themselves. Usually large TV Disposal Service is $60.00. Smaller Tube TV’s are $15 to $30 disposal fee each. In larger quantities we will give you a good break on the price per TV for disposal.

Flat Screen LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s

We will recycle working and NON-working flatscreen TV’s and monitors. Some of them can be fixed, so don’t destroy them please. LCD, LED, and Plasma TV’s still have minimal market value but not enough to bear purchasing from you. If you want to make money on your old TV put it on Craigslist…you will see what it’s worth. It’s really a pain to list some of these things because you never know when it might sell. You are doing the planet and someone else a favor when you give away your old working or broken TV.

General Electronics

We recycle electronics such as DVD players, VCR’s, Cable Boxes, Cable Modems, Stereo Tuners, Amps, Music Instruments, Satellite dishes and boxes, electronic cables, speakers, speaker cables, power cables, USB cables, Ethernet cables, Video cables, Adapters, Chargers, random lost Power Supplies, Laptops and Laptop Power Supplies, Mice, Keyboards, Business Phone Systems, Business Phones, Routers, Switches, all Networking Equipment. Anything that plugs in and lights up to do an electronic job is welcome to be recycled.


Any old tools that you simply do not use. Toolboxes. Electric tools. Metal Tools. Tradesman tools. All are worth keeping out of the landfill and can be recycled for their metals.


We accept washers, dryers, stove ranges, ovens, woodstoves of all kinds, freezers, refrigerators and all manner of kitchen appliances and even office appliances. Anything that is metal or electric/electronic is worthy of recycling.