Website Design and Consulting

Where To Start Your Business Website

No doubt. Its intimidating to build a website that works for your business. The skill set required to put all the pieces together requires either lots of money to pay someone else or lots of your own time (which most of us do not have) to learn how to do the website yourself.

Now there is some extreme benefit in learning how to do it yourself, but some of the work required is seriously time-consuming. Most folks will just give up or settle for something less, but that does not have to be the case.

Web Design in Prescott Valley. Affordable, WordPress Hosted websites.

The Solution

That is why we primarily use the WordPress platform to build websites for anything and everything. Rather than pay someone exorbitant sums of money to custom design an entire site (tens of thousands of dollars) we use the already stable WordPress platform along with the massive support community that creates widgets and plugins for every function you could possibly need on your website.

Plugins for WordPress can be either free OR paid. The plugins which cost money are generally hardened and functional and they stay up to date with the changing versions of WordPress. It’s beneficial in the long run to go with paid Plugins if needed. Additionally WordPress continually updates it’s platform for free and allows it’s users to stay safe by closing security loopholes that develop over time.

The Path of Online Marketing

The savings you gain using WordPress allows you to spend your money on tested and proven solutions that function as expected. When you don’t waste money on custom web development you can use it for more creative marketing. Creative marketing would include: videos, pictures and graphics that engage your targeted audience or demographic.

Social and Email Marketing Integration

We follow up all these creative efforts with Social Marketing integration to focus your customers on your products and services and connect them with your website. Once they are on your website we help you capture their contact information (if appropriate) by providing wow’d customers with a way to join your email list for more information about the AWESOME things that you and your business provide. Once you have a willing customer on your email list, it’s up to you to keep them interested and focused on what you are providing.

Website Changes Made Easy

WordPress allows it’s users to interface with the platform on the web designer level to tweak already functional systems for individual use. But it also allows the end-user to have access to the back-end of the WordPress website called the “dashboard”. From the dashboard, the end-user can manage to easily create new static pages, blog posts. With a little additional training (which we provide) end-users can also upload pictures and video content to their websites without having to pay anyone continuing fees for website changes.