I Need More Hard Drive Space

How can I get more hard drive space?

It’s not extremely common that you would need more hard drive space, except when you are an artist that records and edits music and video or someone who deals with large rendered files and big data. These mediums tend to take up lots of space. If you start with a small hard drive. 120 GB. 250 GB. etc. ¬†You may find yourself running out of space.

Aside from complex rearrangement of your audio and video source files on a larger hard drive, one of the best solutions is to clone your smaller hard drive image onto a larger hard drive and then expand the partition. Yes we can do that.

If you live in Prescott, Prescott Valley or surrounding areas, you are in luck. We can help you locally here at TFS Networks. If you can bring your computer tower in to our local shop we can first explore your current hard drive setup, and then determine the best course of action for your scenario. Of course we can make backups of your current data before proceeding and preserve your data as a first priority.

In addition to cloning your small hard drive image onto a larger hard drive and expanding the partition we can also set you up with a good backup solution so that you don’t lose your valuable data. This involves adding a second hard drive into your computer and utilizing backup software to maintain your data integrity on a regular schedule. We can make both file backups and image backups.

File backups allow you to have a collection of files that you need for recreating your final renderings. A hard drive image backup allows you to have a literal exact backup of your entire hard drive. If something goes wrong with your primary hard drive, we can replace it and then re-image your hard drive from the backup image you made the day before…that way we have minimal data loss and minimal recovery time from major hard drive disasters.

If you would like to expand your data capacity in your existing computer or set up a backup hard drive to protect your data give us a call at TFS Networks.
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